American Resource and Recovery Act Projects

"What Anchor Point CEO Chris White envisions goes beyond temporary. He hopes the funding leads to an economically sustainable forestry model and sustained employment for the logging crews. "  

Jeff Thomas – Journalist, Boulder County Business Report

Wildfire mitigation planned to protect the town of Grand Lake, CO, by the Anchor Point Group

Above, a planned project by the Anchor Point Group to help protect Grand Lake, CO, surrounded by acres of lodgepole forest killed by the mountain pine beetle, from wildfire. Areas picked for mitigation under the ARRA funding were proposed and evaluated by by both staff members from the four counties and APG experts.

The Anchor Point Group is using the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to further sustainable forestry from an ecological and economical standpoint

The Anchor Point Group received $1.7 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. It will use the money to thin the growth that feeds wildfires around mountain communities in Gilpin, Boulder, Larimer and Grand counties.

Anchor Point received the largest grant in the more than $10 million in stimulus funds allocated through the Colorado State Forest Service for high-priority forests, Community Wildfire Protection Plans and wood industry improvements. Targeted were the creation of 25 new jobs and retention of 29 other jobs.

"The money is not to get the most acres treated," said CEO Chris White. "We have to make this more sustainable by cutting and utilizing the wood. That's critical if we are going to sustain those jobs.

"This isn't a road to nowhere. We aren't building another rock wall."

Anchor Point is using the opportunity to test markets and develop more markets, with a goal, though perhaps not completely obtainable, of 100 percent utilization.

In many cases, the counties took the opportunity to thin areas that have been cost-prohibitive in the past, such as steep slopes. That's fine with White, who said labor-intensive projects are right in line with the recovery act's goals.

"We are looking for very strategically placed, almost surgically placed, fuel breaks to protect communities and lives," he said. "It's important to keep the support of the environmental community, and we'll do that with good projects close to the communities we are protecting."

Counties and Anchor Point pick 21 projects for ARRA funding

Boulder County
7-Hills Eagles Drive, 30 acres
Poorman, 0.5 acres
Kneale Road, 75 acres
Wild Bear, 5 acres

Gilpin County

Highway 119 projects 1-4, 20 acres.
Roosevelt Ridge, 15 acres
North County Rd North, 18 acres
North County Rd South, 20 acres

Grand County
WP Highlands, 19 acres
Homestead Hills, 10 acres
Hot Sulphur, 12 acres
Grand Lake,15 acres
Beaver Village, 19 acres
Homestead Hills Subdivision, west of Tabernash and south of Granby, 10 acres

Larimer County
Pole Hill 1, 24 acres
Horsetooth, 22 acres
Arcadia Ranch, 11 acres
Redstone Canyon, 24 acres
Redstone Canyon 2, 22 acres
Pole Hill 2, TBD