Boulder County projects, American Resource and Recovery Act

Wildfire mitigation at Kneale Road in Boulder County, CO, by the Anchor Point GroupKneale Rd
Size: 30 Acres
Location: Along Kneale Rd and the gas pipeline road that runs between Kneale Rd and Walker Ranch Open Space.
Description:  This project runs along a gas pipeline two track which parallels South Boulder Creek and runs up along the west side of the Kneale Rd subdivision. The road is the primary point for the fuel break. Once the roadbed is cleared, the cut bank and the road combined with a shaded fuel break on the downhill side of the road will make a strong mid slope fuel break on the west side of the Kneale Rd subdivision.
Purpose:  This fuel break will provide a possible control point in the event of a wind driven fire from the open space and Forest Service land on the west side of the Kneale Rd subdivision.

Wildfire mitigation at Mud Lake Open Space, near Nederland, CO, by the Anchor Point GroupWild Bear
Size: 5 Acres
Location: Mud Lake Open Space, 2 miles north of Nederland along highway 119
Description: A five acre project which will reduce the density of the lodgepole on the site, while placing a preference towards ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and limber pine. The prescription calls for the removal of small groups of lodgepole pine while leaving groups of lodgepole which will support each other against wind throw.
Purpose:  This project completes the fuels reduction that was carried out on the Mud Lake property by Boulder County Open Space. The unit falls within the open space area and completing this thinning makes the fuels reduction work throughout the property stronger. This is important because the Mud Lake Open Space borders the northern boundary of Nederland.


Wildfire mitigation at 7-Hills, Eagles Drive in Boulder County, CO, by the Anchor Point Group7-Hills Eagles Drive
Size: 19 acres
Location: At the junction of Sunshine Canyon Dr and Eagles Dr, along the western side of the 7-Hills subdivision.
Description: This project is a shaded fuel break combined with a restoration thinning for ponderosa pine. The project covers 19 acres of heavily forested land along the downhill side of a half mile long driveway. The driveway is paved and has a cut bank running along the uphill side. The project covers anywhere from 400 to 150 feet off of the driveway and combined with the driveway provides an effective fuel break.
Purpose: This project creates a shaded fuel break on the up-wind side of a subdivision which includes more than 40 homes. It also allows firefighters to use the driveway as a potential control line in the event of a fire.

Wildfire mitigation at Poorman Road in Boulder County, CO, by the Anchor Point GroupPoorman
Size: 7 acres
Location:  At the Junction of Fourmile Canyon Drive and Poorman Road.   
Description: This is a fuels reduction project that spans both sides of the drainage below the Cow Poke Ranch development. The project is an excellent ponderosa restoration thinning which also is a highly effective shaded fuel break to help maintain defensible space around the apartments at Cow Poke Ranch as well as two single family homes at the top of the drainage along Poorman Rd.
Purpose: This thinning project will incorporate 8 acres and protect 12 residences. It will provide defensible space to 4 multiple unit residences and two single family residences.

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