Pre-attack plans that put your property's details
at the fingertips of emergency responders

Pre-attack plans from the Anchor Point Group put emergency crews in touch with your information

Put everyone on the same page!


Our pre-attack plans come in three different formats to fit your needs, including:

  • ICP
  • Extended attack
  • Small engine

Science and your input lay the foundation for a great plan

Pre-Attack Plans™ are the result of mapping fuels and hazards, modeling potential fire behavior and integrating that information with your local knowledge.

Pre-attack plans map ingress and egress roads (with special attention to evacuation routes) and water supply locations, as well as identify assets to assist firefighters with a plan that encompasses all aspects of incident stabilization in an operational system consistent with their existing standard operating procedures.

The plan is designed for field-use and targeted to be a comprehensive source for incident commanders during the initial attack phase, as well as extended attack phases of suppression operations.