Gilpin County projects, American Resource and Recovery Act

Wildfire mitigation at Roosevelt Ridge in Gilpin County, CO, by the Anchor Point GroupRoosevelt Ridge
Size: 15 Acres
Location: East of Roosevelt Ridge Rd. and along the two track between Pyrite Road and Blue Spruce Lane.
Description: There are three units each of which is slightly less than a thousand feet long and approximately 200 ft wide. These units are marked for heavy lodgepole pine removal with a focus on aspen restoration. The combination of aspen and a thinned lodgepole pine canopy will reduce the fire hazard to the Colorado Sierra Subdivision. Also the reintroduction of aspen to the area will increase the biodiversity on the sites.
Purpose:  This project completes the northern half of the Yankee Hill Fuel Break. This fuel break was outlined in the Gilpin County CWPP. This fuel break is the primary line of defense for the Colorado Sierra Subdivision, which is the largest subdivision in Gilpin County. 


Wildfire mitigation on Colorado Highway 119 in Gilpin County, CO, by the Anchor Point GroupHighway 119
Size: 15 acres
Location: Along Highway 119 between the Kelly Dahl Campground and Rollinsville.
Description: This is a fuel reduction project that runs the length of Highway 119. The fuel reduction goes 200 ft off of the highway and is divided into six separate units along both sides of the highway. The primary focus is thinning lodgepole pine by cutting groups of trees while leaving healthier groupings which will be more resistant to wind throw.
Purpose: Because Highway 119 is one of the primary evacuation routes from Gilpin county, maintaining a substantial fuel break along the highway to protect ingress and egress is a vital part of the safety for all northern Gilpin County residents.

Wildfire mitigation work on North County Road in Gilpin County, CO, by the Anchor Point GroupNorth County Rd North
North County Rd South
Size: Gi.02 – 18 acres Gi.03 – 20 acres
Location: Along the length of North County Road east of the junction with Old Stagecoach Trail.
Description: This is a fuels reduction project that spans both sides of the road along North County road. The road is bordered by heavy fuel loading. The fuel type is predominantly lodgepole pine with some ponderosa, limber pine and Douglas-fir. The thinning ranges from 300+ feet off the road, incorporating heavy thinning and some patch cuts, to being less than 50 feet deep off of the road targeting only very select diseased, infected or damaged trees. The project covers 14 landowners and both units cover approximately 40 acres.
Purpose: North County road is a one way in one way out narrow access to 5 residences and a primary egress route for 9 more. Making sure that it is passable for civilian egress and emergency ingress is of critical importance.