Peace of mind through a solutions-driven plan

  1. Mapping Fuels and Hazards
  2. Engage Interested Parties/ Convene Decision Makers
    * Public outreach and coordination
    * Basecamp community data sharing website
    * Simtable™ analysis of wildfire scenarios and emergency evacuations.
  3. Identify Community Values
  4. Solution-Driven Recommendations and Hazard Reduction Priorities for:
    * Annual Work Plans
    * A Pre-Attack Plan (add TM)
    * Available Grant Funding.
  5. Community Wildfire Protection Plan (caps!!!)

The first name in Community Wildfire Protection Planning

From our founding, the Anchor Point Group has prepared more than 1,000 wildfire protection plans covering communities from Alaska to Hawaii. Anchor Point helped guide the creation of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan, which was incorporated into the 2003 Healthy Forests Act.

We have a well refined methodology to ensure the best value for our clients. Our experience allows us to anticipate problems and propose creative solutions to ensure the project's success.

Anchor Point principals are firefighters and ecologists. We have extensive national wildland fire qualifications and response experience. Our principals and staff include fire behavior analysts, structure-protection specialists, forester and resource managers. This combination allows us to effectively collaborate with federal, state and local officials. We relate to local residents and fire agencies, because we are firefighters as well as ecologists.

We facilitate stakeholder engagement in the planning process. To this end, we will set up a dedicated website for your project that will be available to all involved stakeholders. This will strengthen teamwork and streamline your planning process.

Community Wildfire Protection

"The Anchor Point study saved millions of dollars in homes and maybe even lives. I’m sure we would have lost the fire if we hadn't done the mitigation."

- John Benson,
Chief, Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District